Necessity of water filters in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh water purifiers are essential, especially in the metropolitan area where people are connected with supply water. Since the supply water’s pipelines are not well secured, in some places leaks are available and sewerage line has easy excess to those lines, resulting huge threat to human health. Not only the bacteria, other contaminants get together in the storage water tank on  the roof and underground. Considering all a purification system is necessary; your kidneys become the primary filter if you don’t have any other filter for drinking water.

Suitable for: Home/Offices, Schools & colleges, Bakeries, cafes, coffee shops, Hotels & restaurants

Domestic Water Purification

Drinking clean and filtered water ensure better health. Water filter helps human body defend other than 2,100 known toxins or micro organisms, present in water. A precise water purifier is an important thing to consider as it keeps water contamination out of your home.

BGD Enterprise presents cleaner, better-tasting and better-smelling drinking water. We offer a broad range of pioneering solutions for domestic water purification systems.

Commercial Water Treatment

People prefer good quality drinking water. A proper commercial water filtration system will help your business in many ways.

BGD Enterprise provides commercial water purification solutions. We use the best-in-class technology for high quality water distribution at your site through proper filtration method. Our experts are available for any kind of help with cost effective solutions to your commercial water purification arrangement.

Suitable for
Hotels & Restaurants
Micro breweries/ distilleries
Auditoriums/convention centers
Specialist nursery and plant growers
Car wash, auto valet and auto paint
Health centers, nursing, care homes, veterinary practice

Only Boiled Water is Healthy for Us?

Boiled drinking water is the oldest and most commonly practiced household water treatment technique. According to the WHO, water needs to be heated until the appearance of the first big bubbles to make sure that it is pathogen free. Many organizations recommend boiling is quite laborious, boring, unhygienic pots (like aluminum) and uses lots of energy. Steaming only kills pathogens and does not remove turbidity or chemical pollution (e.g. arsenic) from water. Moreover it adds more Lead, Carbon, Mercury, Nitrites, & Minimize the Oxygen from water. So prior to boiling, water can be purified by resolving or filtration method by Reverse Osmosis or Ultra Violet System.

Water with high amount of iron (with reddish color), calcium or chlorine is not fit for boiling. White color is appeared in the bottom of containers after boiling if calcium is high in waters. In such case, the container should be washed properly after every use. Boiled water tastes flat and people may not like that.

Mostly in densely populated areas, boiling with fuel/wood is not appropriate because it misuses wood resources and the subsequent environmental damage such as desertification and soil erosion. Boiled water may cause burn injuries if not handled properly. Long term expose to fire or stove-smoke may cause associated respiratory diseases. Indoor cooking space should be well ventilated.

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  26. Pure water, clean water or pure water for short, is a pure, clean, do not contain impurities or bacteria in the water, in accord with hygienic standards for drinking water water as raw water, by electrodialysis method, ion exchange method, reverse osmosis, distillation and other appropriate, processing method, the seal in the container, and do not contain any additives, colorless, transparent, can be directly drinkable. The space water that sells on the market, distilled water belongs to pure water. Sometimes the word is also used with distilled water or rainwater from a chemical laboratory.

    The metal element index stipulates the content of lead, arsenic and copper in the standard, and lead and arsenic shall not exceed 0.1mg/L, which mainly comes from the environment affected by human activities, including soil and river pollution. As lead, arsenic is poisonous and harmful elements, but by respiratory or digestive tract into the body and accumulation in the body, the lead content in the blood is 0.6 ~ 0.8 mg/L can damage the internal organs, and arsenic compounds will cause poisoning, so their levels should be as small as possible, and copper in the standard stipulated in the must not exceed 1.0 mg/L, while copper is not harmful elements, but it is not the more the better material, for pure water, one of the symbols of is to measure the degree of purity.

    The organic index is mainly embodied in the national standard for the chloroform and carbon tetrachloride content of the provisions. Because the quality problem of barreled pure water is mainly concentrated on microorganism detection exceeding the standard, in order to solve this problem, many manufacturers are not from the production process, quality management, but only through the quantity to try to solve the problem of microorganism pollution of pure water, commonly used disinfectant for chlorine disinfectant such as chlorine dioxide. Barreled pure water purifications can produce some new organic halogenates due to chlorination disinfection, the main components are trichloromethane (chloroform) and carbon tetrachloride and a small amount of monochloromethane, monobromodichloromethane, dibromodichloromethane and bromoform, etc., collectively known as halogenated alkyl. After detection, the halogenated alkanes content in the chlorinated drinking water and tap water is generally higher than that in the source water. Among them, chloroform and carbon tetrachloride are of high content, which is harmful to human body. If drinking chloroform and carbon tetrachloride for a long time, the purified water exceeding the standard will lead to liver poisoning or even canceration. In order to protect the health of consumers, the national standard gb17324-1998 clearly stipulates that the content of trichloromethane and carbon tetrachloride in drinking pure water shall not exceed 0.02mg/L and 0.001mg/L respectively.

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