Water purifiers in Bangladesh: In Bangladesh water purifiers are essential, especially in the metropolitan area where people are connected with supply water. Since the supply water’s pipeline is not well secured, in some places leaks are available and sewerage line has easy excess to the supply water line, resulting huge threat to human health.

Not only the bacteria, other contaminants get together in the storage water tank on roof and underground. Considering all a purification system is necessary; your kidneys become the primary filter if you don’t have any other filter for drinking water.

Only Boiled Water is Healthy for Us?

Boiled drinking water is the oldest and most commonly practiced household water treatment technique. According to the WHO, water needs to be heated until the appearance of the first big bubbles to make sure that it is pathogen free. Many organizations recommend boiling is quite laborious, boring, unhygienic pots (like aluminum) and uses lots of energy. Steaming only kills pathogens and does not remove turbidity or chemical pollution (e.g. arsenic) from water. Moreover it adds more Lead, Carbon, Mercury, Nitrites, & Minimize the Oxygen from water. So prior to boiling, water can be purified by resolving or filtration method by Reverse Osmosis or Ultra Violet System.

Water with high amount of iron (with reddish color), calcium or chlorine is not fit for boiling. White color is appeared in the bottom of containers after boiling if calcium is high in waters. In such case, the container should be washed properly after every use. Boiled water tastes flat and people may not like that. Thus, boiled water can be chilled in freezer or cooled down to room temperature to have a better taste. 

Mostly in densely populated areas, boiling with fuel/wood is not appropriate because it misuses wood resources and the subsequent environmental damage such as desertification and soil erosion. Boiled water may cause burn injuries if not handled properly. Long term expose to fire or stove-smoke may cause associated respiratory diseases. Indoor cooking space should be well ventilated.

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200 GPD RO Machine

Lan Shan, LSRO-200G
A 200 GPD Commercial RO Machine; Ideal for Garments, Industries, Office, School, College, Madrasa, University.

NSF approved steel powder coated pressurized reserved tank (11 G). FDA approved polypropylene made flat cap housing (20”). It contains two high rejection membranes, each 100 GPD. All the components of this machine are made in Taiwan; no need boiling, pure water is just at your fingertips.

Origin: Taiwan
Brand: Lan Shan 
Model: LSRO-200G
Technology: Reverse Osmosis (RO)
Voltage: 220 (V)
Storage: 11 Gallons/40 Liters
Filtration Stage: Five
Housing Length: 20 inches
Booster Pump: 130 PSI & 100 F; 24 VDC, 2A

Following two machines are typical household RO system; capacity 50 gallons/190 liters per day; ideal for home, office, coaching center. It has a pressurized 3.2 Gallon/ 12 Liter+ reserved tank which ensure continuous supply of pure water even in the absence of electricity.
Lan shan Taiwan RO; LSRO-101-BW

A commercial 40,000 GPD capacity RO machine. Ideal for heavy production industries.

4,000 GPD capacity commercial RO machine, economy model; ideal for any industry.


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